Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Financial Crisis?

The stock market keeps dropping here in New York, and it isn't clear where it will stop. It is even having a big effect on daily life in the city: restaurants are less busy, and traffic is even less congested.

Is the financial crisis changing your life at all?


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  2. Beacuse I am a collage student,the effect of financial crisis ,in fact,is not very obviously.But in my country, there exists a lot of laid-off workers again now .
    And I am a senior in a university,facing more pressure of finding a job than before.
    I really hope the goverment can adopt some policies to deal with the financial crisis!

  3. Yes, the financial situation has been changing my life, fist of all I need take care my job, then no spent my salary in thing that I don't need, to save money in great idea, because I no really sure that will happen in the futuro.

  4. The financial crisis really troubles me.I found it hard to look for a job which involved good salary and benefits.Many of my classmates choose to continue to further study to avoid the difficulties of working.As far as I an concerned,further study may be helping us with these situations,but what if when we complete the degree?For many people ,the best way is attending the public servent exam,which is also with a lot of difficulties.

  5. Actually,i want to say there is little relations with me at present. what i see around me is as usual as before. maybe my school is far away from the metropolis. however, next year i will suffer difficulties for hunting jobs.

  6. The financial crisis is more or less troubles my city.throgh it's not so serious.i also felt it.hope it go soon.