Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rules Of Engagement - Today's Release

Today I am releasing a clip from Rules of Engagement, a recent American TV show.

Recently, many of my friends have had difficulty conceiving children, and it is always a stressful problem. Each side thinks it can't be their problem.

This TV show is about 5 people: 2 couples and a single man. One of the couples is newlywed, the other has been married for some years, and the single guy is, of course, dating various women.

As English study, I think it is interesting to see how they get around speaking directly about sex, which is not acceptable on network TV. They use a double entendre to describe the problems of conception. Can you figure out what swimmers and pool refer to?

今日、His Boys Or Her Pool - Rules Of Engagement と言うテレビ番組からの動画をアップロードします。




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