Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Beatles - Yesterday

According to biographers, McCartney composed the entire melody of Yesterday in a dream one night in his room at the home of his then girlfriend and her family. Upon waking, he hurried to a piano, turned on a tape recorder, and played the tune to avoid letting it slip into the recesses of his mind.

作家によると、マッカートニーは、ある夜、当時のガールフレンドの自宅の一室で寝ていた時に見た夢の中でYesterdayのメロディーを思いついたとい う。目覚めと共に、彼はピアノへ向かい、テープレコーダーをオンにし、メロディーを忘れる前にピアノをひいて録音したという。

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