Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Medical tourism

A few months ago I lost a lens from my glasses and, at $500 for a pair of glasses (between frames and lenses), I've been using my contacts ever since.

I stopped in an optical store to purchase contact lens solution and I find that frames run $25 to $35. Finally, a reasonable price for a couple of pieces of wire. With lenses I'll have my new glasses for $80.

Ok, now I am out of the store and it cost me a bit more, but only because my perscription is just a bit too strong for normal lenses. This isn't jus a line from the chinese salesman; this happens to me for every set of glasses or contacts I get. $115 total, still a good deal.

We'll see on Friday whether I'm really satisfied, but the equipment was the same as every other optician I've ever been to.
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