Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Hello yapprs!

I was very busy over the summer and haven't had the time to keep up with the blog. I apologize!

We have added many new people to the yappr team, and we are all working to bring new features to yappr.com as quickly as possible.

More Videos!

One of the directions we are focused on is getting more videos onto yappr. As you have probably noticed, I have asked for your help in both selecting the videos and in translating them. With today's new release of software, the process is getting a little smoother.

Starting today, yappr.com allows the community to review translations and approve them for release to the main portion of the yappr.com. I don't want to release translations that aren't high quality, but when I was having them reviewed internally I couldn't keep up with the number of videos yapprs are translating!

So if you click on one of the links below you will see a list of videos that have been translated by members of the yappr community. Before a video will appear on the front page, three other yapprs must approve the translation. Please take care in reviewing a translation so that yappr.com can remain a high-quality language learning tool.

US Elections

One of the biggest topics of conversation in the United States right now is the upcoming Presidential election. I know from living in Japan and Italy that many people abroad follow our elections, and most have their own opinion about who should win! I am always asked about how the candidates are seen by Americans, so I thought I would include an election video a day until the campaings are done. Click on the Election category to see them!

Coming Soon

We are working on some additional types of video that people have been asking for, as well as some features everyone has been asking for.  We'll be telling you about them here as they become available. And if you have any other requests for features, please let me know by writing here.

I'll keep blogging, and will get some of the new members of the team to tell you about what they are working on as well. See you soon on yappr!

chief yappr


  1. hi, i just want to say that this site is the best for listening classes. i have only one question, i cant fint the videos by levels example begginer, interm, advs etc...
    can someone help me..

  2. Under the categories is a filter:

    Easy / Medium / Difficult

    You should be able to filter by difficulty!