Monday, October 20, 2008

Help Check Translations!

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago we released the ability for anyone in the community to translate videos. My goal was to increase the number of videos on yappr. I still had each translation checked to make sure it was of high quality. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't keep up with all of the videos that everybody worked on! We kept getting further behind in publishing your translations.

So last Wednesday we updated to allow yapprs to check the translations.

So please help out by checking these translations. Each video needs three people (in addition to the person that originally translated the video) to check the translation before it gets published. If you're the third checker, the video becomes immediately available to the entire community with that translation!

Let's get as many videos out to the yappr community as possible!



  1. Dear Patric, thank u for creating a charge-free english learning environment for us. I will do my best to support u.

  2. Thanks!

    We still have hundreds of videos waiting for someone to check and make sure they are good. Please help out by checking a translation!

  3. Hola patryck estoy muy agradecido con la pagina lo unico que me molesta es que se detiene a cada rato y es un poco molesto ademas me saca del sistema la pagina es excelente se aprende mucho sobre muchas culturas y personas ademas de aprender solo ese es el unico problema muchas gracias